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Bobcat SQL Injection Tool

Bobcat is a tool to aid a security consultant in taking full advantage of SQL injection vulnerabilities. It was originally created to build and extend upon the capabilities of  a tool named "Data Thief". 

Bobcat has numerous features that will aid in the compromise of a vulnerable application and help exploit the RDBMS, such as listing linked severs and database schemas, dumping data, brute forcing of accounts, elevation of privileges, execution of operating system commands, etc.

I had my laptop stolen on a recent trip, thanks British Airways (!?@£”!#). So I am currently re-writing from scratch, yet again!
Bobcat SQL Injection Tool
[ info ]
[ beta ]

-- version 1.0 (not ready yet)

[ alpha ]

-- version 0.4
-- version 0.3 BobCat_Alpha_v0.3.rar 
-- version 0.2 BobCat_Alpha_v0.2.rar
-- version 0.1 BobCat_Alpha_v0.1.rar

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