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France is proud to present DarkComet, a Remote Administration Tool already chosen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. These users describe DarkComer-RAT one of the very best around, it is totally free to use and allows you to control many remote machines at the same time using hundreds of functions (webcam streaming, desktop streaming, micro streaming, keylogger, MSN control, system control, etc, etc.)
DarkComet is also considered as the most stable RAT around and it is even regarded more stable than some professional ones (profesional is another word for not free). Why would you spend even one dollar on a RAT when you can have better one for free ?

Why choose DarkComet ?
The software respects your privacy. It will not collect or capture any information from your computer and your location will remain unknown. You and your computer will stay totally anonymous. To further enhance your protection, the network traffic between you and the remote user is encrypted using a 256 cypher and your settings are also encrypted using the same technology.
Control any machine running on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (and it is already working on Windows 8 Preview). You can also control Linux and Mac OSX machines if you run it under a virtual environement or Windows emulator such as Wine or Crossover.
The remote user doesn't need special knowledge to establish a connection between you and your target. He simply executes a small executable and he will appear automatically in your user list (if correctly setup). It also bypasses the router (you just need to know how to forward ports). The remote part also comes with the runPE technology to hijack a trusted process and then bypass OS firewall softwares.
Since DarkComet-RAT version 2.0, the multithreading technology is fully incorperated. You can control many users at the same time, viewing the webcam and the desktop at the same time, and still be able to manage and/or download files. All tasks are done asynchronimous so you will never be blocked in the hundreds of possibilities of this free software.
I've kept the best for the end: DarkComet-RAT is and will always remain absolutely free. You don't have to spend one dollar to use it.
However, if you need quick and personal support, be the first to receive news and downloads (alpha, beta, final), you can subscribe to a VIP-area for only 15€ lifetime.

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