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Fake Traffic Generator V7-||Youtubetube view increaser FREE bot|Forum views increaser

Youtube View Increaser is a great way of generating fake traffic to your site.

The Web Visitor Bot (Fatboys Fake Traffic Generator V7) you can set different referring sites, different proxies and you can also set the amount of time you want the bot to visit your site. 

V7 fixes crashing issues and makes the bot run more smoothly

People have confirmed that this is actually working with Google Analytics, I cant tell you this for sure as I have not yet used V7 but I know this bots have shown up in analytics before for me.

If you use it with Adsense or for a Youtube clip please let us know how it is working and give us a review, I will be trying Youtube myself as soon as I get some time over to laborate with this bot.

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Simple Tutorial:

1. Create 3 .txt file - Referral , Proxies and Sites
2. Extract your rar or zip file which you have downloaded from download link, make it folder and name it "WebVisitors7" or whatever you like.. Place the software and all those 3 .txt file inside.
3. Open Referral.txt file and add 4-5 fake urls like etc.
4. Open Proxies.txt and add proxies list, you can find more proxies on or any similar sites, may be search for elite proxies..
5. Open sites.txt file and add your website urls which you want the fake traffic directed too...
6. Place all those 3 files in their specific column
7. Enter number of visits like 10,50,100...1000.. , Min time - 20 sec and max time 30 sec.. WHATEVER value you want to give.
8. Click RUN button.. and let it run

Plz Just donot Download it ,Make a Mirror at and comment ,We will paste you link as another mirror ,Try To Help Our blog from dead Links :)

If direct Link is Dead + Mirror too Then Plz  Comment Below

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