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anguage: MS Visual Basic v6 | Server Size: (Packed) 92.6 KB | Release Date: xx/07/2008
Lost Door is the Unique Tunisian backdoor trojan horse family[1] of more than 10 variants which can infect Windows operating systems from 95 to 7. It was created by OussamiO and built using Visual Basic. It uses the typical server, server builder, and client backdoor program configuration to allow a remote user, who uses client, to execute arbitrary code on the compromised computer (which runs the server whose behavior can be controlled by the server editor). The server component (75,053 bytes) when running, connects to a predefined IP address on TCP port 2185, awaiting commands from the remote user who uses the client component can execute arbitrary code at will on the compromised computer.
Lost Door allows many actions on another person's computer; these can be malicious and can be taken without the computer owner's knowledge.

Lost Door 2.2 Stable Public Edition

Change Logs

[+]Reformed Some windows 
[+]IE8 Passwords added
[+]Upload Bugs Fixed
[+]No-Ip Server Crash Fixed
[+]Auto Refresh For options
[+]More Stable 

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