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WIN-SPY SOFTWARE 9.9 PRO             v 9.9 now works behind Firewalls

What this keylogger can do:-
(RATING (9/10)

Win Spy Software Pro Monitoring box shot

Stealth Monitoring

Win-Spy Software operates in stealth mode. It will not appear in Windows Start, System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs. Users will use a Hot Key and Password to access Win-Spy. Users will not be able to terminate or uninstall win-spy without first logging ON.  Users will not be able to Terminate or View Win-Spy Monitoring Software Process in Task Manager.
Screen Shots

Win-Spy will allow users to take screen shots between 6 seconds to 30 minute  intervals. Screen Shot files are tagged with data, time, and username, and  can be saved anywhere on the computer, network or FTP.  Screen Shot  folders may be set to hiddenusing Win-Spy built in Folder Hider.  With Win-Spy Monitoring Software auto housekeeping,  screen shots can be automatically delete after X number of days.  And when no activity is detected, screen shots are halted.  Therefore ensuring screen shots are not redundant.


   All reports may be assigned any name and can be saved anywhere on your Local PC or Network or FTP or Emailed.
   All reports are categorized by Date, Time and Computer Username.
   Win-Spy includes Folder Hider - which you can use to Hide Local Report Folder
   All reports can easily be Archived  with a click of a button.

Keylog - captures anything typed on the keyboard to include user / pass for all app including internet.

Chat Conversation - captures dual side conversation for  MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, Skype, Facebook, GoogleTalk

Website Visited Detail - domain level info of website visited.  To include username and amount to time spent

Website Visited Summary - exact page visited.   To include username and amount to time spent.

Restricted Sites Visited - attempts by users to visit websites we have set as restricted in win-spy WebAccess

Time Spent Online - records time spent online on daily basis by user

PC Activity - records time user spends on PC.

Anti Spyware - records attempts made by user attempting to load anti spy softwares

Login Attempts - records attempts by user trying to gain access into win-spy via login box

PC Usage or Active Time - records idle time active time and total time user spent on PC.

Lost Stolen PC Location - records and email and FTP -  PC IP, CPU ID, OS ID, Hardware Serial to location you specify.



Win-Spy Software Utilities
  Win-Spy Software comes bundled with utilities below.  They are build into the program.

Folder Hider -   This utility may be used to hide ANY folder on your PC.

Clear Track -  Allows you to quickly clear Internet and Windows tracks on your computer.

PC Tracking  -  Will secretly send you information on the PC’s whereabouts, should it get lost or stolen.

Secure File Deletion  -  Secure File Deletion allows you to securely delete a file or folder. Files/folders deleted are gone forever. Win Spy’s Secure Deletion, exceeds US Department of Defense standards for file deletion(DOD 5220.22).
WebCam Monitoring with Motion Detect


Win Spy Software has a the ability to seek out and Destroy Anti-Spy Softwares. These softwares are destroy before they detect Win-Spy or when someone tries to install them.  The purpose of this is so that users will not be able to remove Win-Spy. After all, what is the point of having a monitoring system if your child can easily install an Anti-Spy software and remove Win-Spy.  Win-Spy will not effect your existing  Anti Virus software.

Counter Anti Spy Software
Remote Install Wizard – NEW FEATURE

Win-Spy Software comes bundled with remote install Wizard. With this wizard remote install files can be created and sent to your remote PC’s.  When the user clicks on the file it would  install Win-Spy Remote. If a picture is included then the user would see the picture. If no picture is  included when user clicks on the file it would appear as nothing has happened.  Win-Spy Software allows 5 methods for remote deployment.

1) Combine win-spy remote with any other program. When program is executed Win-Spy will install.
2) Excel file for remote deployment.
3) Power Point remote deployment
4) Standard exe with jpg icon.
5) Screen Saver (scr) Embed win-spy into screen saver(.scr)  program._


Remote Monitoring – NEW FEATURE

Win-Spy Remote Viewer allows you to access and monitor multiple PC's. With it you will be able to:

View Screen Shots
View Cam Shots
View Reports
Browse Remote PC
Upload / Download Any Files
Access / Record PC WebCam
Access / Record PC Mic
Set Options
Run Programs on Remote PC
Send Message to Remote PC
Logoff PC
Shutdown PC
Restart PC

Win-Spy Remote Monitoring allows you 5 methods to obtain data/reports from remote PC.

Direct Connect - Connect to Remote and view/retrive data
FTP - obtain data via FTP
Email - obtain reports via email
WebConnect - use any web browser and connect to remote PC
Remote Desktop - login via Remote Desktop and obtain reports


Other Features

Win-Spy Software - Why ours is better:

5  S T A R  R A T I N G S

Keyword alert alerts you when specified keywords are typed. Up to 30 keywords can be set. For example, when a  keyword/phrase such as “parents are gone”, “sex”, “meet”, “husband gone”  are typed, the log file would be mailed immediately.
Web cam will allow users to monitor what is going on in  their home or office while they are away using the internet. When motion is detected win spy software will automatically turn on your web cam and start taking screen shots of the surroundings.  Screen shots are immediately FTP to your FTP server.  And an intrusion Alert SMS would be automatically sent to you.

Spy Software | Monitoring Software with Remote Install $00.00-10 license


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