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[Trick] Solve Captchas For Free Using DeCaptcher

[Trick] Solve Captchas For Free Using DeCaptcher 
I have found a reverse engineered decaptcher.dll which solves all type of captchas.

Refer to ReadMe (attached) for user, pass, server and port.
http must be prefixed with server.

How to use it:
1: Check VT for security purpose first .. lol
2: Download rar and ReadMe
3: In your bot, whichever you have and uses decaptcher. look for decaptcher.dll, replace the original dll with the one attached.
4: Refer to ReadMe for user, pass, port and server and use these in your configs
5: it worked for me same as decpatcher does.

NOTE: I have just tested with C# and VB apps and it worked fine on 32 BIT OS (XP And win 2003 servers)

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