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IBP Software Free DOwnload Full woking 100%

IBP is one of the softwares which impressed me the most.

With this software, you can analyze very very deeply your ranking between you and your competitors.

He can be a niche finder also, run keyword analysis , backlink checker and much more SEO tools.

Every study come with a huge rapport with many advices about what you should do to improve your ranking. 

I can spend hours describing what it can do. 

So how do we do to get it freely ? 

Very simple : 

Download the last version from the official website 

HTML Code:
Open your hosts file : windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts 

Add these lines :
HTML Code:
Install the software.

Click unlock when you run the first time the software and put this serial : 


And that's it ! Enjoy the very last version ! 

This method may work with the next version, it hasn't changed from 11.

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