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How I Ranked Dozens of Videos on Page #1 in Just 1 HOUR! in google

...WSO of the Day 10/27/2012...

How I Ranked Dozens of Videos on Page #1
in Just 1 HOUR!

FRESH way to get your affiliate links to the top of Google AND YouTube...

Right now Google is a Pain in the A**.
It's update after update...
Change after change..
Ranking gets harder and harder...

I don't know about you, but I don't have time to keep up with all this
technical crap.

You've got former SEO Guru's not sure what to do...

Everyone confused scratching their head wondering what's next...

Don't worry.

The World is NOT over.
Google and Internet Marketing as we know it are changing, but that keeps us on our toes.

A few months ago I ran a test.

I was tired of trying to rank sites and failing. (I actually got a site to page 1 for it to disappear 3 weeks later. Go figure.)

So, I decided to try something new.

An 'experiment' if you will.

Guess what?


I tried it again....


Page 1 of Google in under an hour for a second time.

All of a sudden it felt like I was on to something... something HOT.

So, I tried some more.

Boom Again! Page #1 on Google over, and over, and over again.

Every Single Time.

Not for just any old keywords either...

BUYING Keywords...

You know, the keywords people search when they're ready to buy something. The ones that pay you a commission...

All it took was a short video and a clever trick and I had my affiliate links plastered all over the front pages!

They stayed there too! For months! In fact, they're still there!


Super Simple Videos - A FRESH Take on this whole 'YouTube' thing..

The proof is all in the video.

After I stumbled across this gold mine I just rinsed and repeated.

I now have dozens of videos on the first page.

Google who?

This is just the top of the Cookie Jar...

I am giving away a huge opportunity here.

Leveraging video with a twist that Google LOVES.

It's like giving cookies to the cookie monster 

What this IS-
-Easy to Implement
-1 hour rankings that last for months / years
-Unlimited Possibilities
-Unlimited Buying Keywords to Target...
-The truth.

What this is NOT-

-A Shiny Button
-A Waste of Your Time
-A 'Loophole'

This method is SO EASY, I sat here in disbelief as I ranked video after video getting page 1 rankings withoubreaking a sweat.

My affiliate links are now everywhere...
13 Page PDF
- 3 Instructional Videos
- Fresh Twist
The possibilities are literally endless with this.

Instead of fighting the evil Google Monster, it's time to win.

You don't even need a website.
I give you everything you need with step by step instructions.

Oh, and you get full side by side support from me & my trained staff too. 


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