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$30 in 2-3 Hours on iWriter

So I wrote this little guide with intentions to sell it online, but I figured you guys would be happier than most to receive it.
I hope someone gains some basic knowledge and applies it to make some money.

This is NOT a "Make $x,xxx Easily" guide.
It is basic steps to get started on iWriter with a couple of tricks I actually use to make a decent amount on the side.

Let me know if you use it to its fullest by telling me how you made your first few dollars on iWriter!

Hope you enjoy.

Also, if you have any questions about the method I will be glad to help... just reply on the thread and ask me whatever you need.
I will not spoon feed you, but I will clear up anything I didn't clarify in the eBook.

Download $30 in 2-3 Hours on iWriter


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