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$97 WSO]3 Day Live Training Shows How to Put $5000 In Your Pocket NOW!

  Exclusive 3 day live training shows you how to set up a $5,000 per MONTH business in just a WEEKEND!

Dear Warriors,

Let’s cut the chase…cut the B.S, and get straight to the point.

I’m looking a few Warriors who are SERIOUS about making money online…and want to make money NOW!

I’ve trained hundreds of students. Some have even become (embarrassingly) more successful than me! My coaching is GREAT – I’ve had tons of compliments on it. But the only problem was that my coaching used to cost A LOT. But now I’ve turned it all around…get ready for something ‘out-of-this-world’!

If you’re SERIOUS and WANT to make money online REALLY BAD…then read on.

Let me just get the tire kickers out of the way…

If you:
  • Don’t want to work
  • Think you’ll magically become rich
  • Blame everybody else for not making money
Then please LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. This is NOT for you.

However, if you:
  • Are willing to put effort
  • Are willing to invest $100 into a profitable business
  • Can follow simple, step-by-step instructions
  • Will take action IMMEDIATELY after the training
Then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE. Congratulations…those qualities are what make up great businessmen.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn the spicy techniques that have the power to make a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS in just a weekend. I have ‘almost’ never given these techniques to anybody. The ONLY people who have access to this system are my $20,000 students! How would you like to get $20,000 information for only a ‘whole’… $97?!

These techniques all revolve around product launches (but not the kind you expect). My goal is to help you set up a RESIDUAL business that will make you money YEARS on in. This is not for some short term cash, it’s stuff that’ll be making you money years from now!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll get:
  • Super-easy product creation
  • My source of VERY cheap and amazingly targeted traffic
  • How to upsell your customers the RIGHT way
  • Discover how to make everything WORK!
You get EVERYTHING you need to know with this training! There are no upsells!

What You Get

  • Intense 3 Day Live Training (exact step by step instructions)
  • LIVE Case study showing me setting up everything in UNDER 3 days RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE
  • Live FAQ Sessions to answer all your questions
Massive Bonus ($2,000 value)

You get my ‘secret’ script that keeps making me $2,000 payments with NO effort! I paid a programmer $2,000 to create it…and it’s been worth every penny. You get it for FREE with this training!

When Is It?

The main training will be happening live between November 1st to the 3rd. Then the live case study will happen between November 5th and the 8th. After that the there will be 2 live FAQ sessions to answer all your questions. Don’t worry if you can’t attend it! I’ll provide full recordings of the each and every single presentation. This includes the main training, the case study and FAQ sessions.

The costs involved are MINIMAL. I tried to make this coaching asAFFORDABLE as I possibly can. All you need is $100 aside this training fee to get started. If you have an autoresponder, hosting, a domain and the basics, then your fee is even less.

Massive Bonus #2 ($500 value)

All students get UNLIMITED email support after the training. If you have ANY questions at ANY time you’re free to contact me and you’ll receive a response quickly!


I’m only accepting 25 students to join this training. This will sell out FAST! I really don’t want too many people to have their hands on this golden information… Purchase today to avoid disappointment because it will sell out!


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