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Bullish CPA

Frustrated by the half truths taught
in every CPA course peddled by the Gurus...

This is the very secret that allows
Super Affiliates to earn 6 figures each year,
while people like you are stuck with huge PPC bills and a few hundred dollars in earning ...

"Wow Chris, This has got to be the best book on CPA, I have bought so far. Direct and to the point and a very refreshing new approach. Great way to start 2010 :)Kudos!"
Roger Williams,
Ipswich, UK

Every CPA course you have bought so far has taught you how to be an affiliate and try to earn money from the CPA networks...
But guess what
All those CPA courses left out one crucial piece of the puzzle.
That one piece that left you scrounging for a few hundred dollars each month after paying through your nose  for PPC ads, spending hours setting up those campaigns and then hoping you make a profit at the end of the day.
Now you may be a PPC whiz and have the patience to create optimized landing pages for each keyword and do manage to make money, but the simple fact is that...

"To Make Serious Money
You Should Run 
Your Own  CPA Network And Not Be Working As An Affiliate For One..."

Now I know that after reading that, you must be thinking that this is beyond your league, but read the rest of this letter and you will see that any body can do this easy peasy.
Most smaller CPA networks run off a software called "DirectTrack" and this software costs a few thousand dollars per month.
And in addition to that you will also need to go find exclusive advertisers to advertise on your network.
This in itself is a huge task as no company would even entertain a network that's run by a single person.
Which is quite obvious as in their eyes you don't have credibility.
Now if you cant be the network then the next best thing is to....

"Use My Secret To Get
The Best Of Both Worlds...
By Being A 'Smaller CPA Network' 

And Yet Earn Like The BIG Networks Themselves..."
OK, now I know that statement may seem contradictory, but it'll be all clear in a moment.
All super affiliates and smaller CPA networks have one thing in common. They do not work to bring in leads themselves...
Instead they recruit sub affiliates and earn residual income off the efforts of those sub affiliates.
So what the smaller CPA networks do is pick up an offer from one of the bigger networks and then present it to their affiliate base.
They then keep a  small percentage of the commission and pass on most of it to the affiliate.
So the poor affiliate is doing all the hard work and the small CPA network is making passive residual income by working like a broker.
Just think about it the money you will make once you

"Have An Army Of Affiliates
Who Work Hard
 To Make Money
For Your 
Very Own CPA Network..."

The secret to making BIG Money in any business is to leverage other people. Bill Gates did not get to where he it today by writing computer software by himself. He has thousands of employees who do it for him.
Similarly once you have enough affiliates promoting YOUR CPA offers your earning multiply many fold and the best part is that all this is passive income.
So the affiliates work hard to make money for you, and you only had to work once to recruit them...after that its residual income on autopilot.
As I said earlier, its very expensive to run your own network using software like directtrack or hitpath or linktrust.
Directtrack costs about $1,000 per month, Link Trust is $799 per month and frankly that's a lot of money for software and is prohibitively expensive if you are just starting out.
So what does an ordinary Joe do? Relax, coz
"I'll Teach You How To Setup Your Own CPA Network With ZERO Investment, Without Hosting... Heck, You don't even need a website!"

Download  Bullish CPA 

Direct Link

For Mirrors!!!!!!!

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