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Download Flip Siphon Pro Crack

Download Flip Siphon Pro Crack is a tool for researching auctioned websites on Flippa. It reduces the time require in analyzing and researching the auctioned website. It extracts the intensive data of auctioned website and displays it in easy to analyze table, so that user can search, analyze and filter the profitable websites in a very short time.

Using  Flip Siphon Pro Crack

A) Normal Search
1) To search websites select a listing type
2) Optionally type a keyword in the keyword textbox
3) if you want to limit the results shown in the list check the “Stop after loading XXX results” & specify the count.
4) Click on “Search”.
Software will start searching the related websites and will list them.

B) Advanced Search
1) Click on “Advanced”
2) Specify the options
3) Hit “Search”
Software will start load the results for the search criteria.

1) To filter the data of a column click on the filter button corresponding column
2) Specify the filter conditions.
3) Click on OK
4) Data will be filtered out According to the specified conditions.

More Details
1) Select a website on the results list view
2) Click on the “Show More Details” or Right Click and click on “Show More Details” Context menu.
On more details window there are three tabs
A) Description: It shows full description of the site.

B) Attachments: In this tab user can view all the attached documents like Google Analytics Verifications, Income Proof etc.
To view attached document simply select one of the listed documents at left side and wait for its loading. The document will appear at right side.

C) Revenue: On this tab revenue chart can be viewed.

Context Menu
Right Click on a website to view the context menu, there are few options there
A) Open Listing Page : This option will open the listing page on in default web browser.
B) Open Seller’s Member Page: This option will open the Seller’s member page in default web browser.
C) Show More Details: It will open the “More Details” window.
D) Show SEMRush Report: It will show the SEMRush report in default web browser.


Flip Siphon Pro has in built proxy support. In proxy management user can add proxies and check them. Software will then randomly use proxies.

So now head over to general settings on main window and hit proxies button. It will show the proxy management window, Now here you can load your proxies by importing a list of file or by adding with add button.

Here is the Step by step procedure:
1) Open or add some proxies
2) Specify number of threads to use, we recommends 5-10. The more threads you use, the faster the software will do its thing….but the longer it will take to stop (in case you hit stop in between). Much higher number of threads can also give wrong results, if your network doesn’t support them. So you need to have a play around to see which no. of threads works best for you.
3) Hit Test Proxies
4) When proxy testing finishes, Click on delete button, it will show a menu with two options:
a. Delete Bad Proxies: It will delete the all bad proxies
b. Delete Selected Proxies: It will delete the selected/checked proxies in the list
Now hit “Delete Failed” as we want bad proxies to be cleared.
5) Close the proxy management window it will auto save the proxies in the software.

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