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Pinbot is a complete Pinterest marketing system, based around a simple tool that I developed.
It comes in two parts; core training and the software to automate the grunt work.

Pin Bot software Pinterest Traffic Robot

Pin Bot Crack

Download Pinbot Crack Here's what you're going to get:

The Automatic Pinterest Bot software drives traffic from Pinterest to my websites on complete autopilot. This is really a set a forget tool and it's impossible to get your accounts banned. It works in both PC and MAC, check out some of the features:

- Auto Follow Pinterest Users
- Auto Unfollow Pinterest Users
- Auto Gather Pins
- Auto Create Boards
- Auto Pinning, getting images from Flickr, Google, or Youtube Videos
- Auto Uploading and Pinning from Images on your Hard Drive
- Auto Commenting
- Auto Repinning
- Auto Liking

It also has some advanced features like:

- Private Proxy Support
- Decaptcha Support
- Background Processing
- Sends Multiple Comments in Random

and a lot more... 

Auto follow unlimited number of people and add friends, hands free (the more you follow, the more follow you back and the more traffic you get to your own boards)

Auto notifications when someone repins or k foll°ws your stuff (so you can capitalize on their fresh interest when they're hot for you)

Run multiple Pinterest accounts to build dozens of profiles in as many niches as you like

Target people based on keywords or specific pages

Auto repin content after auto following people (optional, but great for getting people’s attention)

Set user limits and delays (so you don’t follow too many people per automatic follow session, and so you don't get detected as a robot)

Auto unfollow people (so you can keep your followers, but drop the number of people you’re followić© so you don't look like you're just following to get followed)

Auto publish to Twitter after Repin (great for injecting viral traffic to your repins)

How to create and title a Pinterest board that people will want to visit (and that attracts the buyers

Where to find royalty free images to use on your boards

How to attach Amazon affiliate links (or other affiliate links) to your images inside Pinterest.

And how to automate your followers (and traffic) to your new board, using...

Automatically create a flood of targeted followers on Pinterest Dominate multiple niches at the same time

Send followers to Amazon, Clickbank, CPA offers and more

Profiting from Pinterest is stupidly simple, here's why...

With the right Pinterest method (and the right tools to make it even easier) you'll never have to worry about slaving over Facebook, Twitter, or even article marketing again.

Look, Pinterest is worth $500.000...

... because it's jammed full of people who are some of the easiest people to market to in the world...

The average Pinterest user earns $100k per year

And because they're telling you what they like right up front...

... it makes this platform way easier than Facebook, article marketing, or even most paid advertising.

Right now, there's millions of people telling you exactly what they're interested in (and all YOU have to do is give them what they already want)

Download Pin Bot Software Crack Pinterest Traffic Robot

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    1. Sry , i wil Update Latest One soon
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      I will Update soon
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