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Download StealthBot Keyword Research Automation For Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

Download StealthBot Keyword Research Automation For Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

Get StealthBot Is COOL Wait Till You See the Potential of Combining It with G-Scraper

CreativeBots G-Scraper Free is my effort to fully automate keyword research for every SEO marketer.

CreativeBots StealthBot + G-Scraper = A real magic button to find tons of profitable keyword on AUTOPILOT!

Download G-Scraper will simulate your action to do the following:

Download StealthBot + G-Scraper

1. Login to your Adwords account
2. Apply filters such as exact match, minimum & maximum global/Local monthly search, Minimum CPC,etc
3. Input a keyword and search, then download the csv file
4. Rename the csv file to with your targeted keyword
5. Copy the file to StealthBot folder (so StealthBot can pick up the csv file and run it in SKCA)
6. Solve google captcha (de-captcha account required)
7. Before loading the next keyword,  it will generate a random wait time so it will look natural to Google.
8. Repeat the same process for the next keyword
9. Auto shutdown when finished all keywords (configurable in setting)

The amazing thing about putting G-Scraper and StealthBot to work together is that they’ll take care 90% of the keyword research work for you. Once they’re done you will only have to access the final csv file and choose the best keywords, the ones that will flood your websites with targeted buyer traffic

The SEO automation system i am building is the effort to help every marketer to do less and make more money, if you are interested to know about the whole project, please Checkout this WSO

Download StealthBot Keyword Research Automation For Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer

Get here - by mirrorstack

Download Here - with uploadmirrors

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