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EDU backlinks Trick

Why you need EDU backlinks

It has long been established that EDU sites are highly ¡®trusted¡¯ by the search engines, Google in particular attaches importance to such sites. Think about it for just a second ¨C only universities can register a .EDU domain. Universities are places of higher education and academia. The webmasters of such domains hold the integrity of their sites¡¯ content and linking infrastructure as critically important. No self-respecting university is going to allow spammy content and backlinks to be strewn all over the place. Consequently, .EDU stands for integrity and quality. Backlinks from such sites are not given away easily and are considered extremely valuable not only for increasing your own site¡¯s trust and authority but also its rankings within the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Backlinks to your site from other sites are seen to be similar to a vote of confidence and recommendation. The quality of the website giving that ¡®recommendation¡¯ has considerable bearing on the value of the link and how Search Engines rank your site¡¯s pages in search results. So it is important that your backlinking strategy include links coming from sites that are deemed and trustworthy and authoritative sites and .EDU backlinksgive you exactly that.

Before we get into the meat of how to get your hands on these SEO jewels, it needs to be made clear that the following info is powerful and should be used with caution. Yes, they are likely to give you the edge over any competition that is not using these techniques. Yes, you are likely to see SERP improvements when you get .EDU domain backlinks.

But resist the temptation to overuse and spam. The only likely outcome of such behaviour is that the .EDU Webmaster who sees his site being abused will remove the facility and remove any links that you¡¯ve taken the time to create. Result: You¡¯ve wasted your time & effort and lost the opportunity to use the site for further backlinks in the future. Use intelligently and in moderation!

Do Follow vs. No Follow

You will no doubt be aware that some sites include the <rel="nofollow"> attribute. There's a great deal of debate online as to whether "no follow" links have any benefit. In my experience, it makes sense to use both "do follow" and "no follow" links. Here¡¯s why¡­

If it is true that "no follow" links offer little advantage and that link juice is not passed to your site, thereby helping rank increases, sticking to using a purely "do follow" link building strategy does not look like natural link building and is likely to raise flags in the eyes of the search engines which could have negative consequences.

In the event that it is untrue that "no follow" links offer little benefit and they do pass link juice to your site, the benefit of implementing them into your link building strategy is obvious.

Ultimately, in both scenarios it makes sense to use both types of link, so don't worry what type of .EDU backlinks you unearth using  - you win both ways.


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