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imple Video ProDeveloper License n Pro Unlimited Personal License

GET Simple Video Pro First Ever 'Video Marketing Platform' Makes Video 'Players' Obsolete

Simple Video Pro is NOT Just Another Video "Player",it’s a Complete Video Marketing Platform

Simple Video Pro Personal License / Simple Video Pro Unlimited Personal License / Simple Video ProDeveloper License
GET Simple Video Pro

Hi! I wanted to share a new Video Marketing Platform with you that helps make money using video with less effort than ever before, freeing up more time for you to enjoy life! This thing has built in innovations that give you more ways to make money, build lists and get traffic than any other player on the market.

Don’t Just “Play” Video MAXIMIZE IT

You’re About To See A REVOLUTIONARY Method To Make Money With Video. No One Else Has This!
Don't Know How To Use Video? Hate Messy Codes? Tired of Video Player Limitations? Us Too!

So We Went Trailblazing and Set The Bar HIGH.

Download Simple Video Pro makes the task of delivering the video EXACTLY the way you want it super simple. No coding, no messing with scripts or CSS. Just point and click.

We Understand Where You're Coming From

Stop drudging through messy embed codes

Don't grab snippets from some web based code generator

Quit using sloppy WordPress shortcodes that are impossible to edit

Benefit from our experience!

Avoid the mistakes

Stop the frustration

Stop wasting money on players that fall short, are clunky and don't deliver

Simple Video Pro is the answer!

Use it with ease

Have all the tools you need in one place

And see your wildest video marketing desires come true!


This Never Before Seen Secret Weapon Will Revolutionize the Way You Sell Your Products Online with this secret weapon,  you can take video marketing

YOUR Affiliates selling your products can embed YOUR videos on their sites in a couple of clicks

The secret is that all the links you easily put inside the video, will drive traffic to your offer using their affiliate links.

一 the logo 一 the banner ad 一 the splash image

一 and the viral Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons,

Use this feature alone and you can drive more traffic to your offers and make more money with less effort. It can help you generate more sales for you and your affiliates, and as a result, more Affiliates will want to sell your products.

Simple Video Pro Free Is Proven In The Real World

Simple Video Pro Crack  has been proven by over 1,400 customers all over the world! We're constantly tweaking and improving it based on customer suggestions to meet real-world needs. We are fanatical about customer service.

Before we continue, here's the answer to two of your biggest questions:

1.    Yes! SVP works for YouTube, Self-Hosted AND Amazon S3 (or other CDN) Hosted Videos
2.    Yes! SVP plays on mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

Now You Can Turn Video Into A Valuable Money Making, List Building, Affiliate Grabbing Tool

Here's what Simple Video Pro Nulled Can Do For You:


Logo Branding Timed Banner Ad Timed PayPal Buy Button

Splash Images - Begin Splash / End Splash I PayPal Button!

URL Redirect

List Building & User Engagement

Overlay Custom HTML Time the display of an Opt-in form Timed action!

Content Reveal Site content I Buy Buttons or Opt-in forms Reveal other videos - chain up to 10 together!

Traffic Generation

Viral Buttons

-Pinterest Pin-lt button -YouTube Subscribe Button -Twitter Tweet Button -Facebook Like Button Embed Code - post videos on more sites Revolutionary Affiliate Embed Code!!!

Display & Control

Own YouTube!

Set the start point and the stop of the viewable video -Disable the YouTube link

Place logo over YouTube logo Video Player Display

-Control alignment - center, or wrap text for awesome content -Allow full-screen option -Wide-screen & Standard -32 Size Options -Exact sizing Video Controls


Hide Control Bar

Auto-Hide Control Bar on Mouse-over

-Set Control Bar to Cover YouTube Logo

Control Bar Colors

-Full Screen 丨con - Enable or Disable Eight Skin Frames

-Four Optional Amazing Standard Frames

Desktop Monitor Frame

Laptop Frame

Smart Phone Frame -Tablet Frame

3-D Shadow Option

Clean No Frame or Shadow Option

Video Widget - Total Control

Place Videos and Choose Which Pages They Displays On


Encrypts Video Source URL

-It’s a WordPress Plug-in - so it,s right there when you need it!

(WordPress 3.2+)

-Plays videos on Mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad! -Plays Self-hosted video (Amazon S3, etc.) & YouTube hosted videos

Download Simple Video Pro Free  First Ever 'Video Marketing Platform' Makes Video 'Players' Obsolete

Simple Video Pro Personal License / Simple Video Pro Unlimited Personal License / Simple Video ProDeveloper License

Download Here - with uploadmirrors

Download Free - On uploadseeds

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