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Micro Keylogger Registration Code Reviews Crack Version 1.7

Micro Keylogger (also called keystroke logger or keyboard logger) is a hidden keylogger that logs the keystrokes and passwords.
Micro Keylogger is an undetectable keylogger that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer. It is not only a Windows 32bit Keylogger but also a 64bit Keylogger for Windows 7/Vista/XP 64bit system.

Micro Keylogger More info

Micro Key logger runs hidden in the background to Spy on your Windows PC. It allows users to secretly record keystrokes, reveal passwords, track websites, monitor applications/files and take screenshots and more. All the logs will be automatically sent to email box or FTP space specified by users.
As an undetectable keylogger, Micro Keylogger allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer. The invisible Keylogger allows you to secretly track the keystrokes, Passwords (Website passwords, Facebook passwords, Yahoo passwords, Google mail passwords, Game passwords, World of warcraft passwords, Skype passwords, AIM passwords) and many more website and application passwords from all computer users and automatically receive logs by email or FTP.
Micro Keylogger is also professional in blocking websites and applications as a parental control tool. Adding the keywords of the website category or the launch file of an application to the Blacklist of the filter built into Micro Keylogger, users are able to easily block all sorts of websites and programs.

Micro Keylogger Key Features

  • Stealth Monitoring as invisible keylogger
  • Record Passwords typed in websites and applications
  • Record all keystrokes typed by the users on the computer
  • Capture desktop screenshots at customized interval
  • Record websites visited, applications used, files downloaded
  • Block websites and applications (Great Parental Control function)
  • Monitor multiple user accounts in the system
  • Send logs to email or FTP space secretly
  • Password Protected and customizable hot key
  • Easy to install and use. Just two clicks it will be installed
Feature list of Micro Keylogger
Running Features
  • Stealth and undetectable Monitoring and Recording
  • Password protected
  • Customizable Hot Key
  • No Degradation of Performance
  • Easy to Use
Recording Features
  • Record Passwords typed in browsers, applications
  • Record all keystrokes typed on any applications
  • Record Websites Visited from IE/Firefox/Google Chrome
  • Record applications used, Files downloaded
  • Record IM chat conversations typed at your end
  • Record Desktop Screenshots in a preset interval
  • Generate detailed monitoring reports automatically
  • Monitor multiple user accounts in the system
  • Screenshot size control
  • Option of manually clean logs and screenshots
  • Emailed logs can be received and viewed on a PC/ Pocket PC/ SmartPhone or any other device which can receive email
Parental control features
  • Block unwanted web sites by URL or keywords
  • Block applications by keywords in process name
Delivery Features
  • Secretly send logs to your email (including keystrokes, chats, websites, and screenshots)
  • Secretly send logs to your FTP space (upload keystrokes, chats, websites and screenshots to FTP space)
  • Emails and FTP sending schedule setting
  • Delete logs (Keystrokes and Screenshots) automatically after sending
  • Option of sending logs in compressed zip format
  • Option of printing logs of monitoring and blocking Report

What can you do with Micro Keylogger?

Monitor and protect your kids
Monitor and protect your kids
Have you ever encountered that your kids spend all days on the Internet but you have no clue what they are doing, who they are talking to, what websites they are visiting? Now with MicroWindows 7 Keylogger, all your children's online activities can be showed clearly to you, then you can take actions to protect them.
Monitor Home Computers
Monitor Home Computers
Why your families spend a amount of time on the computer? Why they clean the chat logs and history in the computer? You might have a inkling that your families are cheating on you. It's the time to end up your doubts and figure out what's really going on with your loved ones. Now with Micro Windows Vista Keylogger, the lies will be revealed and the truth will be exposed.
Monitor and restrict employee
Monitor and restrict employees
What are your employees doing on the working hours? Who is goofing all day and who is knuckling down to work? Have you noticed a lacking employee productivity? Now with Micro keystroke recorder hidden Keylogger, you can monitor the staff online activities including keystroke typed, website visited, application used and files downloaded, further more, preventing the use of specific programs, block access to certain websites is available as well

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