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Nulled WP Plugin - Easy WP SEO - Better Than SEO Pressor 1.7

A new WordPress SEO plugin for on-page optimization, called Easy WP SEO, is now available, and it BLOWS AWAY every other similar plugin on the market. It’s an awesome plugin that I’m excited to share with you. It makes the task of preparing your content to get the most “Google love” a breeze!
While there are other WordPress plugins already available for on-page SEO, they are not as advanced or feature-rich, not even the famous SEOPressor!
I should know. I have SEOPressor. I used to use it. But not anymore, because
That goes for ClickBump SEO!, WP SEO Beast, Measure My SEO, WP SEO Automation and BloggerHigh as well.
The Easy WP SEO plugin just flat out does a better job helping you optimize your WordPress site’s posts and pages for Google and the other search engines. WAY better!

That’s a Bold Claim!

Maybe, but it’s the truth, as you’ll soon see. But first things first.
My name is Bryan, and, perhaps like you, I make money promoting products online. Yes, this is an affiliate site. And, yes, I will make a commission if you purchase Easy WP SEO through my site. (You’ll get some nice bonuses as well!)
But I’m not singing the praises of this plugin just to make money. I’m doing it because I dig this it (one of my all-time best purchases ever – for real), and I’m PASSIONATE about it.
I know this plugin will genuinely help any WordPress user improve the ranking of their posts and pages.
I also know using any other on-page SEO plugin might actually HURT their rankings!
Two HUGE Reasons Why
Easy WP SEO is the Best

Reason #1 – Accurate Keyword Density Calculation

Easy WP SEO has the option to factor in the word length of your keyword phrase when it determines keyword density. The other on-page SEO plugins assume your keyword is just a single word. Let’s see the critical difference this makes.
Say your content is 1,000 words, and you’re aiming for a 3% density of your one-word keyword. It needs to appear, then, 30 times in your post.
keyword density = (# of keywords / total # of words) * 100 = (30 / 1000) * 100 = 3%
But what if you want to attain the same 3% density with keyphrase consisting of 5 words? Then you MUST consider the keyphrase length to get the correct density.
keyword density = (# of keyphrases / (total # of words / # of words in keyphrase))
Using this multi-word keyphrase formula, you’ll find that if the four-word keyphrase appears in 1,000 words of content 30 times, then
keyword density = (30 / (1000 / 5)) * 100 = 15%
OUCH! Your keyword density is a whopping 15%!
Can you say, keyword stuffing??
Here’s a visual example with a 5-word key phrase:

DOWnload Below

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