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Pinterest Membership Secrets

No Headaches, No Stress, No Tech…
Cutting Edge Pinterest Strategy Lets You Create A Profitable Membership For Absolutely Free In Less Than 10 Minutes….
No tech skills required since I’m gonna give you the Easy Step-By-Step directions so can get started within 30 minutes from now!!
Reviews Are Fantastic!
About a week ago, Pinterest came out with a new feature, innocently enough, based on mass numbers of requests. It’s called “secret boards”, and I’m not Pinterest-savvy enough to have noticed or even thought about it if I would have.
But Barb did, and immediately she connected the dots and said “aha, we can make memberships with this feature”.
No more worrying about membership site security, setting up new blogs, and other mumbo jumbo that make people crazy with fear and unwilling to start profitable recurring income streams for themselves.
In fact, you can do this without investing a dime in outside software of any type. In fact…this strategy is even easier and more flexible than the fixed term autoresponder based membership sites I recommend for those just starting out.
The report itself is a breath of fresh air, written in Barb’s inimitable style, and goes well beyond Pinterest secret boards. She shows how to screen membership site applicants (if you want to), has a sample of the sales copy she used for her first membership site, even a short tutorial on how to set up the PayPal button to start getting payments. Plus more.
Now I know you’ll say, well, cool, now I know about Pinterest secret boards, that’s enough information and I’ll just connect the dots myself.
Good thinking. You could, and it would save you the cost of a cheap breakfast, but then you’d spend half a day or much more connecting those dots… why bother?
Plus, you’d miss the chance to see the upsell Barb offers, and her very compelling (a.k.a. funny) video thank you that urges you to “go for the gold” along with the royalty free images, the content for 100+ niches, and more.
Barb’s one of those amazing individuals that sees opportunities where others don’t, then takes “massive action”, and ends up being a leader in her field of expertise. Pinterest, and now Pinterest based membership sites, is one such example.
If you end up loving this idea half as much as I do, you’ll be loving it a lot.
– Dennis Becker


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