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What is Blackhat Seo and What is its effect and Cause?

Search engine Optimization can be done in a variety of ways. It’s flexibility and boundaries are almost limitless. There are two popular ways or methods to do SEO and they are called the ‘White hat’ method and the ‘Black hat’ method. You are either of the two or you’re in between.
What is black hat SEO?? 
Black Hat SEO or Black hat search engine optimization is normally defined as the methods or techniques that are being used in order to rank higher on different search engines using prohibited tactics and ways and quick and shortest process for ranking higher at search engine. This is considered as unethical SEO.
Black Hat SEO used to be legitimate SEO techniques and Bots; however because of few abusive users they are no longer acceptable by the current SEO communities. Black hat SEO techniques can give a website a short term gains in terms of ranking unlike white hat SEO that can provide a website a long term gains in terms of ranking. You cannot solely rely on utilizing Black hat SEO methods for the risks of being penalized by search engines are higher.
I’d like to keep my posts simple and short so that the newbies in this particular profession would easily understand. For this post, I would focus on the black hat method.

Black Hat SEO Techniques that should never be done

- Google Bowling
A way of increasing your rank while decreasing the rank of your competitors’ site.
- Keyword Stuffing!
By utilizing a long list of keywords which are not even on your website content will lead your site to be penalized by search engines. The keywords you will use should go with what is encapsulated on your web page content. They should be relevant and coherent.
- Doorway Pages
These are easily identified for they are not created for human beings but mainly for search engines. It is very risky to utilize doorway pages for it tricks search engines spiders to index the page higher. It goes like this; the search engine user is redirected to another web page which is not the site that he is intended to visit. This is purely BAD SEO technique.
-Link Farm
This is generating back links or inbound links from unrelated sources. It is also called spamdexing. A website should at least do link exchange and all links shouldnot be redirected to the website.
- Misspellings
This is using misspelled keywords which are then redirected to a correct version.
- Duplicate Content on Multiple domains
Websites which provide duplicate content or copywrited without resource acknowledgement.
- Different content for search engine than users
If you use word press, it is a must to activate plug-ins for no do follow on comments section.
- Scraping
Creating mirrors for popular websites. Mostly the sites being replicated are those with high ranking with all the keywords targeted by the site.
- Invisible Text
It is usually done by setting up text’s font colour same as to its background to make them hidden. It is done to attract more search engine spiders. However, it is not a good way of attracting search engine crawlers and search engine users.
- Throw Away Domains
It is the method of creating short term micro sites using popular keywords and abandon then when the search popularity or tend subsides.
- Cloaking
It is the technique of hiding to search engines heavily animated flash and show the text only version.This is Bad.
- Paid Links
Many of these displays links to those who would want to donate for charity.
- Twitter Automation
Manual tweeting is still the best thing to do rather than installing a plug in that will automatically tweet every updates.
- Scraping
Creating mirrors for popular websites. Mostly the sites being replicated are those with high ranking with all the keywords targeted by the site.
- Blog Spam
It’s by installing a wordpress blog or website without akismet – a plug in that prohibits do-follow for blog comments.
- Domain Grabbing
Buying authority domains that failed in ranking.
- Fake News
This is done to attract search engine users to likely click and visit your website.
- New Exploits
Finding blogs and reporting them, by breaking stories you can be popular and you can get all the attention and links you want.
- Brand Jacking
Writing a bad review for a brand and let consumers voice out their opinion about it.
- Deceptive headlines
It is deceiving your readers about the actual content of your web page. Just like for example: 5 great things about Organic diet and then you’ll end up reading only three great things.
- Hidden affiliate links
It is good in some way but definitely is not fair with other honest advertisers.
- Hacking Sites
An example is when you have received of an “authenticated email” askig you to update your WordPress installations.
- Ad only Pages
This is a very annoying method. It is going into a website and the first thing you will see is an ad instead of the content of the website.
…………………………Many more


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