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WSO 689168 Collect $600+ Checks From Offline Clients

This offer will be available only for 7 days - until 17th of October!!!

Hello fellow Warriors!

Creator of WSO of the day of 29th of July brings you something new! A gold mine discovered by accident.

SecurityMonkey Method

One night I ended up in this pizza place. I met one really cool dude form UK. Turns out he is the owner of the place! Lucky me!

I talked to him about marketing, mobile sites, mobile landing pages, and finally about security.

It seemed that he got worried so I agreed to check up on his WP site for a free beer.
The next day I came with my laptop and ran my security plugin on his WP.

I didn't even need to close this guy because the error messages did it for me!
He agreed to $600 and some free food!

So what's this WSO

This WSO includes a fully rebrandable Wordpress plugin which is a reporting tool - runs a series of tests and tells you how to deal with each weakness of your WP site.

Followed by, video tutorials explaining each attack in the most simplistic way so that even if you have no knowledge of anything you will understand. Key aspects of closing are dissected as well. I will share what worked for me.

The main is a single license for single use. You can install it on your site or one client's site.
The OTO is a reseller license with unlimited use.
Guide to customization is included as well.

Here is what you do

  1. You will give the plugin away for free to a client
  2. The client will try it out and will see all the error messages. He/she can try and fix it by themselves but unless they are skilled with technology their success is unlikely.
  3. They will call you up and beg for your services
  4. Close and outsource the job
  5. Collect the payment

The potential - never ending upsell

If you step it up - buy the OTO, rebrand the plugin, and start doing this regularly - not only can you sell extra new services to your already existing clients but you can use this method to get new clients. Through this service you will earn theirtrust and can upsell them with more services, i.e. mobile version of their website, mobile landing page, social media campaigns, SEO services, ..., ..., ...

The Power - close clients you wouldn't close otherwise

Understand one thing here. The fear of getting your site hacked is a great and powerful influence. You make them scared - but don't misunderstand, you are not the one doing the scaring. You are simply making them aware of this very real danger. There is nothing wrong with making them aware. Then you show them a proof of the danger - give them the plugin and it's report will do that for you, NO WORK NEEDED!

Then simply offer a solution for a price and they will jump on the offer.
The fear will close clients that might be hesitant to go with your other services otherwise.
You will deliver - outsourcer will - and once they see the results you will earn their trust. People like to do business with already tested out people.
Puff! Your credibility magically appears


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