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How To Create Fake Facebook Status And Fool/Prank Your Friends

Now facebook is used by almost all people ,More than 10 billions...Ever thought of being naughty with your Facebook status,so try to pull your friends attention by posting something they haven't seen before. Well, there is an app to create fake Facebook status that will just prank your friends to their wildest imaginations.

Wall Machine is an app that helps you post fake Facebook status on your wall. It can display your wall posts being liked or commented by anybody - may it be your favorite movie star Tom Cruise, singer Justin Bieber, President Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg or anybody you can think of.

Use this app to create a Fake Facebook Status to fool your friends.

Here are the steps :

1. Go to and Click on Connect button. This will connect you to your Facebook account. Grant access to this app.Then click Allow application and allow posting on behalf

2. Next, you will see a page similar to this but with default text and image.

how to create fake facebook status

3. You can edit the name, image, like and comment. Everything the arrow points to in the above image can be edited.

4. Once you are done, click on save.Then input tags,hags.names.....

5. Now see how your friends react. Try it, it's fun!!

Use your imagination and post something that looks real. This is a great application to create fake Facebook statuses.

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