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PR Traffic Booster Crack + PR Harvester Crack + PR PixelMagick Crack ALl IN ONE!

PR Traffic Booster Crack + PR Harvester Crack + PR PixelMagick Crack

Software GETs Targeted Traffic & High Page Rank DO-FOLLOW Backlinks 

New SEO Software Gets Do Follow Links and Targeted Traffic

Download PR Traffic Booster Crack Software Uses
PR Traffic Booster Crack

Whats In the PR Traffic Booster Update?

- Configure your Tumblr Queue
- Assign tags, Descriptions and click through
  links to images 
- Import Images with descriptions, tags and
  click through
- Changes to the Customization scripts
- Captcha support on Login 

PR Traffic Booster Feature
  • Using Tumblr for High page rank Do follow links
  • Using Tumblr for targeted Traffic
  • Using Tumblr for incresing hits and clicks
  • Using Tumblr to make money
PR Traffic Booster Crack

  • Account Signup email verification and customization (includes adding avatar, theme, blog title)
  • Reblogs - also ability to change description, add tags and click t hrough link (HTML Supported)
  • Likes posts with ability to add random delays
  • Follows users
  • Auto follows users that follow you
  • Unfollows users that do not follow back after X days
  • Posts articles, images, quotes and videos. You can publish now or add to queue with the ability to add description, tags and clickthorugh links for each post.
  • Group Niche management - Allows you to manage multiple accounts niche specific
  • Collects Blog stats
  • Checks account status
  • Works with threads Works with proxies Works with Tor Works with HMA VPN
  • Allows spinned syntax
  • Works with death by captcha and decaptcha
  • Works with api to shorten links Runs whilst minimized Uploads images from url or hard drive Ability to import already created accountsIncrease their websites rankings
  • Get do-follow High PR Backlinks
  • Get trageted traffic
  • Increase hits and viewes
  • Do Affiliate marketing and increase revenue.
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • For service providers
  • And Much More

The software as a whole has over 8 scripts to work with so it's important that we spend a little time to understand what does what I have made notes in the Tumblr guide on the best way to utilize this software, You can Download the Guide from the Tutorials Page.

The system has been coded to work with Groups.

Groups will hold your Tumblr account details and each group has its own settings. I have made a short clip explaining how we can add groups and the functionality behind them .

• Get do follow high pr backlinks
• Target Niche specific traffic
• Gain higher search engine rankings
• Send traffic to Youtube videos and increase views
• Brand awareness
• Affiliate marketing
• Scalable
• And much more :-) 

Get PRHarvester Crack - Software to Scrape tumblr users to follow, posts to like and re-blog urls, including lists of Tags.

PRHarvester Crack

This software is a simple fast tool to harvest Tumblr Likes, Re-blogs, Followers and Tags. Below is main interface.

Then select which type of harvesting you will be doing (Likes, Re-blogs, Followers, or Tags).You can select the max results for each Keyword. So in this example we have 3 keywords so it will produce 20 results per keywords (a total of 60).

The Threads setting is defaulted to 50, but if you have a slower connection you can turn this down to whatever you wish. If you are doing a large number of harvests and have a fast internet connection then you can turn this up to a max of 100. You will need to test which setting works best for your internet connection. But for most, the default will work just fine.

Lastly, you can check the box to Save Results in one file or multiple files named after the tags used for scraping. 

Get PRPixelMagick Crack - Software for batch processing images (Awesome for tumblr) Make animated gifs, resize images, make sketch and black and white effects. Even scrape images for your PRTrafficBooster

PRPixelMagick Crack


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