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"Learn How You Can Build A Targeted Customer Base, Generate Mass Exposure And Maximize Your Earnings Instantly With Google+!"
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Dear Friend,

    It's no secret that Google controls the vast majority of traffic on the internet today.  With the control over the traffic, Google essentially controls which sites are successful and which will fail.  Many webmasters have manipulated Google's search engine results for a long time by building massive amounts of back links to their pages and using other search engine manipulation techniques.  Unfortunately for webmasters, their methods are no longer working due to changes made by Google.  Google has now launched its latest strategy to control web rankings, this tool is called Google +.
    It is widely suspected that Google will soon change the way they position sites in the search results page.  Most believe that a site's score on Google+ will be a strong indicator of whether Google will rise or lower the ranking position in Google search results.
    We have now launched all new software called “Google Plus Extreme”.  This powerful tool will launch your internet marketing reputation almost overnight because with a simple click of your mouse you'll have the best rankings in the most important social network in the palm of your hands.

Google Plus Extreme Features:
1)    Harvest user Ids by keyword, Gender or profile settings!
2)    Automatically send friend requests!
3)    Quickly remove unwanted friends!
4)    Never send a duplicate request!
5)    Validation of user lists!
6)    Remove unwanted URLs!
7)    Support Proxy
8)    Proxy Harvester

With Google Plus Extreme, in just a few minutes you can harvest and safe hundreds of user Ids and send hundreds of friend requests automatically, on autopilot!  Simply choose your desired settings and click a button.  In a few short hours you'll be the big guy on Google Plus!



    The Google Plus Extreme software is very user friendly and I even offer you a free team-viewer session to show you step by step how to use this amazing web dominating robot!

ACTUALLY IT COST FROM 400$ to 100$  
        Now you can get, Google Plus Extreme for the very low price of 0.0$ per lincense.  That's just a one time fee for the latest version of this amazing new program.  This one time price includes all updates to the current version of the program!  For just FREEper month you can also get all future versions!

1)    For a one time fee of $0.00 you will have access to the FULL VERSION and free updates for the current version!
2)    For just $0..00 $the first month and for each additional month you have access to the full version today and all new versions of the Google Plus Extreme program for as long as you keep your subscription!  Today you'll only pay $13.99.00 and then just begin making monthly payments only when you're ready or want to receive a new and improved version of Google Plus Extreme!  

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