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GET Backlink Alchemy is essentially a unique way of finding sites where you can create content and include backlinks to help your sites rank. It is a method that I stumbled upon myself when trying to find new and different sources of backlinks to rank new sites. I would continually find the type of webpages that you will discover when you have put this method to use. And I could not figure out how they got there, as the sites offered no way of creating blogs or submitting articles. There was no “Create A Blog” button anywhere on the sites I was finding. I knew that it was possible to get content onto these sites, but was tearing my hair out trying to figure out how it was done. Well, obviously I got to the bottom of it (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this…). One day it just clicked. It was like I’d found the Alchemist’s dream – I had discovered how to turn simple Google searches into absolute SEO gold! Using a “magic” code in Google, I could find a practically unlimited amount of sites where I can post articles and get quality backlinks. Download Backlink Alchemy As an internet marketer, you will of course be aware that you need a wide variety of backlink sources and that those backlinks need wherever possible to be contextual, which means that they are embedded in keyword rich content and surrounded by a well selected long tail keywords. The more words the better, with the normal amount being between 450 – 500 words. Using Backlink Alchemy will help you achieve this and will supply you with near limitless places where you can get exactly the type of backlinks that Google is looking for. In the following pages you will learn: 1. Exactly how to find sites where you can create Panda-friendly content. 2. Exactly how to create your content at the sites you find. Let’s get started… Welcome to the Backlink Alchemy OTO page On this page you can access your OTO – five high Page Rank EDU Domains where you can implement the Backlink Alchemy method to get your content and backlinks online in minutes. If you have any problems with the using these EDU Domains, please contact me at: Access the main Backlink Alchemy download HERE


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