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Download Ant Pugilist Ant Nut Cracker OTO

Download Ant Pugilist Ant Nut Cracker OTO

Ant Pugilist The Software Tool That Delivers A Knockout: Punch To Competition In Your CRACKABLE Niche

  • Google Data Source
  • Yahoo Data Source
  • Bing Data Source
  • Youtube Data Source

As a result... Ant Pugilist will retrieve many more laser-targeted keywords than both the Google Keyword Tool and G Insider. That means...

Ant Pugilist Ant Nut Cracker OTO

More targeted traffic to your website(s). PERIOD!

The screenshots below illustrate how important it is to retrieve laser targeted keywords for your niche, and then provide relevant content for those Keywords.

And don't forget... that there is much more to Ant Pugilist than just hunting down laser-targeted keywords.

Ant Pugilist is a much more powerful tool than G Insider, and it eliminates the risk of mistakes by doing most of the heavy-lifting for you.


  • Proxy enabled
  • Calculate important metrics
  • Colour coded results
  • Brainstorm with pre-qualifiers and post-qualifiers
  • Niche prospecting feature
  • Relevant volume and CPC data
  • Option to hide/display data
  • Filter results
  • Choice of three competition indicators
  • Sort and rank your results
  • Locate keywords that G Insider doesn't display
  • Search for relevant longer-tail keywords
  • Display or hide Search Volume
  • Display or hide the CPC figures
  • Select Data Sources to use for search
  • FREE Life-time upgrades
  • Google Keyword Sabotage
  • Another Million-Dollar Niche

How To Crack Niches Faster...Eliminate Error, And... Find More High ROI Keywords!

And Make It So Simple That Even A Six-Year old Can Do It

As a proud owner of Ant Nut Cracker, you will also get a copy of our G Insider software. G Insider will hunt down hundreds of laser-targeted keywords for you.

If you want to go beyond the simple and effective functionality of G Insider, and also ...

Hunt down hundreds more laser-targeted keywords for your CRACKABLE Niche

Dig down deeper into your Niche and find CRACKABLE sub-niches in the niche.

Automate the calculation of important metrics we use to validate CRACKABLE niches.

Display important metrics side-by-side in a grid format

Filter our keywords that don't meet certain criteria

Automate the estimation of keyword competition

Do all this with just a few mouse clicks

Ant Nut Cracker teaches you a FAIL-SAFE repeatable process that is so simple -an eleven year old kid can implement it. The most difficult thing the eleven-year old will have to do is to add, subtract and divide large numbers, and also compare them to each other. The only problem is that...

Silly and COSTLY mistakes can creep in when we subtract and divide large numbers and then compare them with each other. That's why we developed Ant Pugilist

Ant Pugilist is a very unique and 'state of the a if software tool which not only eliminates the risk of silly mistakes... it also makes the entire Ant Nut Cracker (ANC) process much faster... and locates additional laser-targeted keywords that even G Insider couldn't locate, and I'll tell you why this happens in a minute.

We chose the name Ant Pugilist because we are giving you the ability to deliver a One-Two KNOCKOUT PUNCH to your competition. LOL!

Ant Pugilist simplifies the already simple ANC process to such a level that you no longer require an eleven-year old kid to implement ANC That's because with Ant Pugilist, even...A Six-Year old kid is able to find Profitable Niches, and...
They can probably do it in much less than 30 minutes, too.

No Other Keyword Tool Can Do All This For You!

Here's a quick summary of some of the things that Ant Pugilist can do. 

Use proxies to keep your IP address private
Calculate all the important metrics used for initial site evaluation -silly mistakes eliminated.

Colour coding allows you to eliminate dud niches with one glance - no adding, subtracting and comparing necessary

Ability to brainstorm with pre-qualifiers and post-qualifiers - combines several searches in GKT into one simple click of the button.

Niche prospecting feature to find promising niches-dig deep into niches to find the undiscovered gold.

Relevant volume and CPC data displayed - all the data you need is displayed on one screen - no need to go to a different screen.

Option to hide/display any columns of data you want-only display the data that you need.

Filter results based on user-defined criteria-you can eliminate results that don't meet your criteria with a few mouse clicks.

Lightning fast competition indicators - for when you need to quick rank your keywords

Choice of three different indicators for evaluating competition - you are not limited to one method

Sort and rank your results anyway you want - this gives you different views and insights into the same data.

Identify hundreds of relevant keywords for your CRACKABLE niche at the click of a button. Display results in less than 10 seconds.

Locate keywords that the Google Keyword Tool is hiding from you.

Locate these laser-targeted keywords without spending hours researching

Export the keywords to a CSV file for further analysis

Locate keywords that G Insider doesn't display (not available in G Insider)

Select any matching keyword in results and search for relevant longer-tail keywords that match the selected keyword (not available in G Insider)

Display or hide the Exact Match Global Search Volume (volume data not available in G Insider)

Display or hide the CPC figures (CPC data not available in G Insider)

Select one or more of the four Data Sources to use for the search (only the Google Data Source is available in G Insider)

Download Ant Pugilist Ant Nut Cracker OTO

Ant Pugilist Full License Code

Paypal email address: drewtirrell
Paypal Transaction ID: drewtirrell

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