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How to get Traffic from CNN for 15 Cents a Click

[Image: 15-cents-cover.png]How to get Traffic from CNN for 15 Cents a Click

Well, it's not a fairytale. Keep on reading...

The one thing that any web site needs is traffic. Lot's of it. And preferably cheap and targeted and if possible even presold.

You probably have heard about CNN. It's a mayor news web site and it 
gets over 20 million visitors per month. You probably know that you can 
get traffic 
from CNN but you probably also know that this traffic can be a little 
pr icy: $2 to $20 and up per click and you are in business.

Here's a screen shot that I took from
That's the web site where you can buy advertising on 

[Image: ads-on-CNN.png]

$20 per click is probably not exactly
what you want to spend right now for a click!

Those prices are probably just a little too much for you today..

If you want to stretch your advertising bugdet a little further I have some interesting news for you:

It is possible to tap into CNN's vast traffic for pennies a click. 

Yes, you have read that right: pennies per click. Actually the minimum 
bid is 1 cent but they suggest 15 cents per click to get any kind of 
decent traffic volume.

This is not some kind of crap traffic. It's traffic that comes directly 
from CNN. It's just you are going to get it the smart way.

You are going to learn:

- where you can get that traffic from
- what requirements you have to meet
- some examples of successful landing pages

This is very hot. Nobody else knows about this and even if they do not tell you. Today you can find it out.

You are going to get a short PDF (14 pages) that you can download instantly after you purchased.


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