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[New HOT Offline Product] Offline Client's Paying Us Over $3,245.00 Per Month

Why Are You Working Twice As Hard For 1/2 As Much Money? We Have Offline Client's Paying Us Over $3,245.00 Per Month And Wishing They Could Pay More!

"Business Owners Just Don't Care About SEO, Mobile Sites, PPC, Web Design Or Any Other IM Service For That Matter!"

This Isn't About Selling... This Is About Building An Empire Delivering What Businesses Really Care About...

Dear Fellow Warriors,

Anthony Devine and Mike Shreeve here, just wanting to let you know that it isn't your fault! It isn't your fault that business owners don't understand how powerfulSEO can be. It isn't your fault that decision makers just can't see how valuable your service is. IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT YOU AREN'T MAKING MONEY! 

Selling IM Is Hard. In Fact, It Is An Uphill Battle Of Educating The Client, Convincing The Client, Then Reassuring The Client Until You Get Your Money!

How many of you have been turned away by businesses that REALLY NEEDED YOUR SERVICES simply because they didn't fully understand what you could do? We have experienced that exact scenario more times than we care to count! 

It can be so frustrating trying to convince these business owners that the internet can skyrocket their business to new heights! That is why Mike and Anthony decided to find another way. They simply wanted to find the answer to this question: 

How Can We Use Our Knowledge Of IM To Deliver A Service That Prospects Can't Refuse? And How Can We Do It Without Them Realizing It?

We interviewed TONS of small and medium sized business owners trying to figure out what EXACTLY they wanted from marketing professionals. We spent hours, and hundreds of dollars to figure out what makes these business owners tick. What offer would be so appealing to them they simply couldn't refuse to buy? 

85% Of The Business Owners We Interviewed Said They Want 1 Thing From Their Marketing Professional: LEADS

At first we were confused!! We tried to tell these business owners that Internet Marketing did just that: generated leads! We even tried to show them with flowcharts and graphics, but to no avail. They only wanted to pay for leads.

Instead Of Arguing With Stubborn Business Owners, We Made A Plan To Deliver Just What They Wanted: LEADS

The result of all that hard work, the months of trial and error, the "trial costs" associated with testing and retesting has all lead to this WSO. All of the knowledge that we have gained from generating leads using IM techniques and flipping those leads for profit has been cleaned up, squared away and prepared for you in what we are calling: 

DOwnload Here

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