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How To Make Money Online Part 1 PPD

How To Make Money Online Part 1 PPD

This video is going to introduce to you a method to make money online called Pay Per Download. There are many ways that you can earn money with pay per download and the easiest on that I found for me to use was by promoting to teens.

You see hip hop is almost magnetising now days to even me. New hip hop hits on YouTube can blow up pretty fast and quickly. It is easy to make money promoting something that people want to hear. Hip Hop is an easy method in which you can monetize to bank online. Now how would we make money with Hip Hop and pay per download?

There are many ways to do so. The way I am doing is by downloading an .mp3, downloading a picture of the artist in HD, making a video on windows movie maker and uploading it to YouTube. Than I go upload the fileto sharecash and start promoting my file through YouTube. This way your making money online from pay per download and also from YouTube.

Now you can scale it up by starting a Hip Hop blog and promoting your music on there. So you add the link from YouTube to the blog and also to the download file. There are lots of ways to get creative out there and making money online and this is just one of them.

Remember 10 videos a day for 30 days that is 300 videos in TOTAL which is amazing. Anyway thanks for checking out my post and speak with you soon!

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