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[WORKING]Narrow/thin vertical taskbar in Windows 7 PATCHER

Hello guys!
I searched for hours and hours for making the patch for Windows 7 which makes the task bar thin and very attractive looking on horizontal.

Most of the questions I read at forums are:

"I always keep my taskbar on the right side of my computer screen with auto hide enabled. But I noticed after a day or two, the taskbar becomes real narrow."

"I like how narrow it looks."

It's barely wide enough for me to show the time but not wide enough to show the date. And the orb is just a little bit wider than the bar itself. I think it really looks great, but I can't figure out how it got that way!

"If I adjust the size by dragging the width then it will revert back to being wide again despite my attempts to drag it back to narrow version. Then again, it automatically becomes narrow again. Can someone help me with this? I'm using the RTM version by the way"

"This might sound a trivial and unnecessary but it always annoys me. If I choose small icons for the taskbar in Windows 7 and if the taskbar is either at the top or the bottom the screen then the taskbar becomes preety small."

Screenshot of a horizontal taskbar
"Since I have a big computer monitor, I have the taskbar on the side of the screen since it occupies the empty space more efficiently. Still I don't get the taskbar to be narrower than a certain level and it always stays pretty wide"

"I like my taskbar to be vertical on the left side of the screen. With Windows XP I can narrow it down to just wide enough  to show the time and have all icons stacked on top of each other in one column."
"With Windows Vista the narrowest I can manage is the double of that width. Anyone knows if there is any way of making it smaller?"

Here is a screenshot...
After configuring the icons setting to small option everything goes right. The icons appears to be normal, and by normal I mean it stays at the left side of the screen. But the problem is, when I reboot or log off the computer, the icon size reverts back to large at the right side which is really making me frustrated. I researched about the problem in the internet and I'm not sure if it was intentionally done for the touch.

After setting the "small icons" option to true, it appears normal (left side) but after reboot or logoff, it appears to be using the size for large icons (right side) I did some searching and I'm not sure if it's true that this was intentionally done for touch

Download Narrow/thin vertical taskbar in Windows 7 PATCHER        


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